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Sturman Enterprises becomes Sturman ICT

A note which is a little late (due to being very busy with all our changes), but better late than never (excuse the cliche): Per 1 November 2012 Sturman Enterprises changed its name to Sturman ICT. We believe this is a better name as it’s shorter and more to the point, instantly describing our core business (ICT). In Europe the customary term for computer companies is ICT (Information and Communications Technology). In the US, the term IT is more prevalent (Information Technology). Therefore, when doing business in the USA, we may decide to use our alternative business name Sturman IT.

The reason to choose 1 November as the date of change is that coincided with an even more important landmark in the history of our company. On that date all activities of the Dutch company B.V. were taken over by Sturman ICT. We are very happy to welcome all new customers. Although in practice this will not be a big change: All contracts, hosting, pricing, service and so on will remain at the same high quality (or better) as the customers were used to. Henry Sturman (owner/director of Sturman ICT) already had been the Chief Technical Officer of for 5 years, so we already were very familiar with operations.


Sturman Enterprises proudly presents its new website!

‘The children of the shoe maker wear the oldest and most broken shoes.’ It’s an old saying, but was long true for the website of Sturman Enterprises. But now we are proud to finally present this new calling card on the web. In a new and fresh 21st century design. And of course we will continue to do what we do best: Making beautiful and functional websites, web applications, apps, software and other IT products for our customers!